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A Special Twist Gymnastics is proud to be a fully inclusive program, Specializing in gymnastics and agility classes for children of all ages and abilities! We are dedicated to providing a fun and safe space for kids to call their own.  At A Special Twist, everyone is welcome and everyone thrives!
















Our mission:

To reach the lives of families in our community through gymnastics, A Special Twist provides gymnastics, sensory, and agility programs to children with all types of physical and developmental abilities. Beyond gymnastics, we are dedicated to helping the families in our community in times of need.

Our vision:

To provide a safe place where every child has a place to be just that, a child! No limitations!

Our principles:

1. Demonstrate love through example

2. Teaching gymnastics to all children with respect, love, and dignity

3. Focus on reaching the lives of families in our community through children!


 “Faith does not operate in the realm of the possible. There is no glory for God in that which is humanly possible. Faith begins where man’s power ends.”-

George Muller

Children with special needs face physical and cognitive hurdles as they learn to navigate this crazy world and everything daily life brings to it. So, it’s no surprise that the sport of springboards, trampolines, ninja courses and balance beams, opens a world of opportunities for kids who learn in different ways. Gymnastics strengthens the body, of course, but a child who may struggle with learning hurdles, challenges in communicating, low self-esteem, or difficulty socializing, can benefit in ways that go far beyond the four walls of the gym. Gymnastics gives the opportunity to learn life skills-like being okay with learning new things and meeting and mastering a challenging environment. Gymnastics builds muscles, kids learn mental toughness, and they feel satisfied with their accomplishments. Not to mention children suffering from cognitive disabilities are most likely going to suffer from physical impairments as well. A lot of these children have substantial problems with motor skills in areas such as hopping, skipping, and jumping. Involvement in gymnastics can help these children develop fundamental motor and physical fitness skills and with that comes newfound confidence. 

A Special Twist Gymnastics is also a place to celebrate birthdays and special events with friends and family, in a safe environment! We love working with the families in our community! Dreams do come true! After many years of dreaming this place up in my head and heart, I'm so excited it has finally come to fruition and a place I get to share with you!

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